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About Joanne and Mikin.

​​ I, (Joanne) am a teacher and the autor of two published novels set up the Dempster. My novel for young adults, Breaking Trail, is set in the Ogilvie Mountains and has been translated into German, Czech and (in the process) of being translated into Korean. I lived for many years in a log cabin forty miles off the Dempster Highway with my family. I also worked as an Interpreter at the Tombstone Interpretive Center for five summers and spend as much time as possible wandering through the Dempster Mountains. I have a deep love for this country, my home, which I hope to share with our guests.

My husband, Mikin, originally from Czechoslovakia, has lived in the Yukon for twenty-five years. He spent years running mid-distance racing dogs and working on the Dempster Highway driving transport truck and doing road maintenance.  We’d like to introduce visitors to the land that we love and respect.

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